A quiet, uninterrupted hour, alone, with no agenda, can feel like a luxury as a mom, but Eucharistic Adoration is one of the very few times I can actually hear our Lord speak to my heart. I’m beginning to see it less as a luxury and more essential than ever, to my prayer life, family relationships and being able to hear what God’s will is for me, now, in this stage of my life.

—Jennifer S.

“I get lost in the peace and silence. I breathe in His Holy Presence and breathe out all of my concerns. I talk to Him and Listen with my heart. It is such a privilege to be in the presence of Perfect Love. I pray that just being there will sufficiently express my Love for Him. I am honored and humbled at the same time.”

—Roberta M.

“Eucharist Adoration can be a powerful and almost surreal experience. At the end of November my very healthy father passed suddenly from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. It just happened that both the day he was cremated and the day of he was buried were days I had committed to being an adorer. This was my first experience with Eucharistic Adoration. It was a gift to be able to sit with Jesus in my sorrow. It gave me a sense of peace I can’t really describe.”

—Jennifer O.

Waking up in the middle of the night, finding a way to get out of a comfy bed, and getting myself out of the house on time to get to a 2:00 am Eucharistic Adoration is a difficult task. Yet the peace, serenity, and comfort of His presence is a reward far beyond my expectations or hopes. I find that Jesus begins to comfort and settle me on my drive through the quiet, empty streets of Warren. The stress, exhaustion, and pressures of the day melt away in the silence of the night when Jesus wraps his arms around me and sits with me. It is so much easier to sit and listen to the Lord when my brain is not worrying about my daily tasks. Adoration has been an incredible gift, one that I am grateful to have said yes to receiving.

—Dan O.

This experience is making a noticeable difference in my spiritual life and I thank SMB and St. Alexanders so much for organizing this opportunity to worship Our Lord. I hope that many others will participate in Eucharistic Adoration.

—Janet C

In the whirlwind of life’s demands, it’s vital for me, as an active Catholic father and husband to pause and immerse in silent reflection, to realign with what truly matters: my family, the preciousness of time, the pursuit of goodness, and the impact I can make in the world. This sacred pause during Adoration is not merely a moment of quiet but a profound communion with the divine.

As I sit in tranquility, there’s an overwhelming sense of comfort, akin to a warm hand resting on my shoulder, a tender reminder of Jesus’s presence and His reassuring embrace. This gesture symbolizes not just solace but a divine nudge, encouraging me to persevere, affirming that despite life’s trials, everything will eventually find its way to peace.

It’s this experience of Adoration that rejuvenates my spirit, deepens my faith, and empowers me to face life’s challenges with renewed vigor and hope.

—Andrew S.

I feel honored being able to sit in the company of Jesus. I find it very warm and peaceful. I feel love all around me and it helps me quiet my mind and be grateful for everything Jesus has done for me.

—Corliss D.

In 1980 I returned to the Catholic faith after a ten year absence. I was thirsty and open to every gift the Church had to offer. It was then that I discovered the blessing of Eucharistic Adoration. I remember going to my first hour of Adoration wondering what I was supposed to do and how I could possibly sit quietly for a whole hour. When the hour was finished I surprised myself by wanting to stay longer. I craved more time in that holy solitude, but life called and I needed to get on with my chores and commitments. As I sat in my car getting ready to drive off, I realized that something inside me had changed. I felt lighter and unburdened. I no longer dreaded all I had to do that day. I felt peace and the beginning of joy. I know now that what I felt was an infusion of God’s grace. An Adoration chapel in the East Bay has always been at the top of my prayer list and now that prayer is being answered. Thank you to all who are participating and making it possible.

—Barbara F.

To this devoted practice of Eucharistic Adoration in the quiet, silent presence of Jesus’ body, blood, soul and divinity, I entrust all my worries, prayers, joys, works and sorrows to God’s grace and mercy always!

—Donna L.

“Instead of repartee in my prayers. I, much of the time will kneel in utter silence. Listen for Jesus to speak not just to me, but with me.”

—Anthony U.